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At Lake Power Yoga, we heat it up!

What does that mean? Our Hot Studio starts at 87 degrees and heats up as you heat up (to approximately 92 degrees). Why do we keep it hot? Heat removes the toxins from your body and promotes circulation and vitality. Heat increases blood flow to your muscles and increases flexibility.

How do we get the room hot? We use a state of the art radiant heating system (which heats objects, not the air) and a humidifier that increases the humidity of the room to 50%.  In addition to the external heat, you will create an internal fire. Through movement and breath, our bodies heat up and we create an energy that transforms our Hot Yoga room into a vibrant studio with an energy you can feel.

Come to class ready to sweat! Bring a towel and your water bottle – you will need it.  Hydrate before class with water, diluted juices or your favorite electrolyte beverage.  During class, if you are feeling dizzy, child’s pose is a great way to maintain your focus. After class, keep up with your hydration! We offer bottled water for sale at the front desk and a filtered-water drinking fountain in our lobby.


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