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Get comfortable in Your yoga Practice


Sun salutations! Standing poses! Hip openers! Deep relaxation and more! Our Beginner’s Workshops are a great place to start your new practice.  We schedule Beginner’s Workshops at the studio every other month.  If you don’t see one on the current workshop schedule, we recommend starting your practice with a Slow Flow or Power Yoga Basics Class — or contact us about setting up a private lesson.

In our workshop, you’ll learn fundamental yoga poses and gain an understanding of proper alignment, why it matters, and the power of ujjayi breathing — all this while beginning to experience some of the many benefits of yoga, including:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Cardiovascular and digestive health
  • Sense of well being & relaxation

Dress comfortably and be ready to be hooked on this life-changing practice.


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